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Our naturally unique approach to aesthetic technique, ancient wisdom of the body healing and revolutionary technologies will bring you the best there is to optimize your well being and beauty needs.

Our mission is to enhance your body’s own ability to heal itself using natural products that work in harmony with your natural body type.



Pedicure $40
Express Pedicure $30
Shellac Pedicure $50
Express Shellac Pedicure $40
Vitaflex Pedicure $65
Manicure $28
Express Manicure $20
Shellac Manicure $38
Express Shellac Manicure $30
Polish Change (polish only) $15
Shellac Removal $5 Pedicure $40.00

When booking your appointment, please specify shellac application or
removal as they require extra time.

Waxing Services

Essential Rose & Lavender wax is used
for sensitive faces and bodies.

Eyebrows $12
Eyebrows & Tint $14
Lip $6
Eyebrows, Upper Lip $15
Chin $6
Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Chin $16
Lash Tint $16
Eyebrow Tinting $12
Bikini (starting at) $16
Brazilian $35
Full Leg $46
Half Leg $26
Back or Chest $32
Under Arm $13
Makeup Application (in the salon) $35
(out of salon) $40
Electrolysis (per session) $15


Revolutionary IPL Technology Enhances Your Natural Beauty. Our IPL Laser options for hair removal, facial treatments, and vascular issues are comfortable, non-invasive, and effective on all skin types.

We offer free consultations.

Hair Removal (starting at) $60
Skin Rejuvenation (per session) $120
Acne (per session) $120
Vascular (per session) $65


Oxygen Botanicals: Give your skin a breath of fresh air. Feel the Mystical Mist of pure oxygen caressing your face and neck. This fabulous facial will deliver needed vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to revitalize, renew, exfoliate, lift and tone your face. You will experience a reduction in hyperpigmentation, signs of ageing, and a calming of rosacea, couperose, sensitive, and dehydrated skin conditions. This treatment is customized to meet all your facial needs, and sensitive and dehydrated skin benefit beautifully from it.

Oxygen Facial $90
Youth Facial $65


For Skin That’s Firmer, Smoother & Glowing!

Our advanced facial treatments will enhance your inner beauty, revealing
the glowing radiance of healthy skin.

Through the healing art of Quannessence Skincare products, you will see and feel the undeniable
treatment results from our professional glycolic facial treatments,
customized to your specific skin conditions.

Glycolic Facial Treatment $90
Laser Spot Treatment (add-on) $50


Naturotherapeutic treatments (covered under A.N.N.) 
determined by your body’s need through holistic modalities, including healing touch, Energy Balancing, Bars Awakening Aromatherapy, Vitaflex technique, NLP, SILVA Method, Bodily Approaches, Reiki, and EFT.

Holistic therapies promote wellness from within by
enhancing your body’s ability to detoxify and balance itself.

They aid in the relief from daily stresses caused to the body through injury, pain, toxins, and emotional imbalances.

Hour Naturopathic Treatment $68
Half-Hour Naturopathic Treatment $45
Reiki Session $65
Access Bars Session $68

Young Living Essential Oils used for ultimate relaxation.
Hour Relaxation Massage $65
Half-Hour Relaxation Massage $40
Luxury Hot Stone Massage $78
Hour Relaxation Couples Massage $130
Exfoliating Body Scrub $78



Raindrop Technique: Whole Body Healing for Body, Mind And Spirit Awakening

Pure therapeutic essential oils assist in stimulating and replenishing needed
enzymes, nutrients, and oxygen.

This results in detoxification and strengthening the immune system, promoting
rest, repair and relieving pain.

Spinal Sauna is applied to penetrate the oils deep throughout the body.

Hot steamy towels gently caress the back and spine, creating the deep
sense of warmth and ultimate relaxation.

Vitaflex is an ancient massage applied to the feet, legs, hands, arms, spine,
neck and head.

This sends energy impulses of vitality to reflex points aiding
in balancing the body’s well-being. (Covered under A.N.N.)

Raindrop Technique with Vitaflex $98




Add to any treatment to help boost energy levels, relieve tension and
stress, and to promote balance and healing.

Oxygen Inhalation $15
Hot Stone / Chakra Stone $15
10-Minute Target Massage $15
Paraffin Wax (Hands or Feet) $8


Boost energy levels help relieve tension/stress, promotes balance & healing.

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